Our photo studio boasts two spacious zones designed to cater to different shooting requirements. Zone 1 features an impressive infinity wall, also known as a cyclorama, providing a seamless background for your subjects. With a generous ceiling height of 4 meters, this zone offers ample room for creative compositions. The cyclorama itself measures 7 by 7.5 meters, providing a wide canvas for your artistic endeavors.

In addition to Zone 1, we have a dedicated Zone 2, which benefits from abundant natural light streaming in from the rooftop. This interior zone with its beautiful natural lighting creates a unique atmosphere for your shoots, adding a touch of authenticity and vibrancy to your images. Whether you prefer the controlled environment of Zone 1 or the organic lighting of Zone 2, our photo studio offers the versatility you need to achieve your desired results.

PRICE for studio rental

1h — 315 aed 

2h — 525 aed 

3h — 787.5 aed 

4h — 1050 aed 

5h — 1312.5aed 

6h — 1470 aed 

7h — 1680 aed 

8h — 1890 aed

10h — 2100 aed

*VAT 5% is included to the price

**2 flash lights and 2 video lights are included to the price

***More then 10 people at the zone — extra 10 aed/hour per person

You can book a space at the make up room one hour before the shooting. If you have several make up artists and models, inform the studio about amount of people. Additional time is possible only by extra payment. 

Color backdrops can be installed for 50 aed/1 meter or without extra charge if you do not step on it. Colors vary and subject to availability, call for current list

Gobo mask for video light —  50 aed/1 hour

Tripod/monopod  — 25 aed/1 hour 

Fog machine — 100 aed/up to 1 litre of liqued

Wireless microphone DJi — 50 aed/1 hour

Inform about extra rent while booking studio zone to secure it.

****All rent prices for extra equipment are exclusive of VAT (5%) which is applicable on top of the offered price